Say hello to our amazing #teamTLC ambassadors

Im sure if you follow us you would know we have some amazing cowgirls helping spread the word on TLC! These girls where selected out of 200+ entries we received when we put the call out for help in late Feb 2019. 

To say the least the choices where so hard to make, we had so many amazing entries! We thought maybe its a good time for you to meet our team of cowgirls, some which you possibly already know and follow, and some you might not! 

Chloe Dann - @chloedann_

Hello! My names Chloe and I’m 28, from South Gippsland, Victoria. I work on an island that is run as a historical farm for tourists to visit and learn all about agriculture. I do daily Whip Cracking, Working Dog and Sheep Shearing demonstrations. I’m working towards my dream of being a full time shearer one day! Being a bit dirty all day at work, I love being able to mix it up and create feminine, gypsy inspired looks that make me feel like my true self - it’s amazing what the power of a good outfit can do! I love being a brand ambassador for TLC, it gives me a sense of belonging amongst an amazing group of like minded women from all over Australia. It also is an awesome feeling to encourage people to support small business, especially ones that make you feel this pretty!

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Jodie Mara - @jodiemara89

Hi TLC Lovers, My name is Jodie Mara and I am from Capella, Central Qld. I am a lot of things including Mum, Wife and Teacher. But my passion is horses, in particular Cutting Horses. I have been competing on my horse ‘Play Rey’, aka Porky, for the past 3 years in Cutting Horse events throughout Qld and my major achievement to date is winning my Area’s Rookie Buckle for the 2018 show year. Since accepting the role as brand ambassador for TLC I have also taken on a role as managing a small western/boho business called Sun Compass Australia and have had to step out of my comfort zone to really embrace the western fashion industry. With help from my mum (who does all my photography) we put together outfits and capture the awesomeness that embarks the TLC brand and western fashion in general. Although all the TLC Brand Ambassadors come from different walks of Country Australia Life, as a group we come together to support, uplift and motivate each other to achieve our dreams. Girls, who run the world! Thank you again to Sheridan who is an amazing leader, creative goddess and an inspiration to all.

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Jess Morgan-Coe -@jessmorgancoe

Hi cowgirls, my names Jess and im from South East QLD. What I love about western fashion is how I can express myself and my personality, whether it be through a small touch with a pair of earrings or a necklace, or adding such accessories to a whole outfit. I also love how many amazing people it has allowed me to meet and be in contact with, and how I can really be myself since I’ve become more involved. I love being an ambassador for TLC because it allows me to support an amazing small local business, and it has opened up a whole range of experiences plus allowed me to get to know so many others with similar interests. It is so enriching knowing that the effort you put in is appreciated and is ultimately allowing a small business to grow. It is also an opportunity that has challenged me and pushed me out of my comfort zone in an industry that I am so passionate about.

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Alex Lynch - @alexandralynch_

My names Alexandra Lynch,I am 26 and from the Hunter region of NSW.
Day to Day I work shift work as a Train Controller. I also volunteer in the SES as a rescue technician where we respond to road crashes , large animal rescues, swift water rescue and I’m a flood boat operator.
I competitively show in the western horse riding sport of Reining and travel all over NSW to compete.
In my spare time I make and sell lead light designs and I have a passion for handmade art.
I didn’t just become a brand rep for TLC, i also joined a community and supportive group of women. Not to mention their products give me confidence 🙂 when I am getting ready for a night out, a rodeo or a show , the amazing earrings just complete my outfit and really bring out my personality !
Of course , I wear the bling 😍

Being a brand rep gives me the sense of achievement. I know I am helping support local brands and hard working Aussies.

xx A

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Kelly O'Farrell - @canefarmersdaughter 

Heya Cowgirls!
My name is Kelly.I am a Butcher by trade and am the daughter of a Sugar Cane Farmer. I currently live on our family cane farm near Maryborough, Queensland. I also work for a Sugar Cane harvesting company during the crush. For this I operate the tractor and bin that is driven under the harvester and thus load the trucks that take the cane to the mill.
I became a Brand Ambassador for The Lazy Cowgirl at the beginning of the year!
I applied not thinking that I would even be considered and when I got the email saying I’d been selected I was over the moon! It is an amazing feeling to know that you have been given the opportunity to help someone potentially expand their business!
The TLC family is amazing to be a part of.
If you want to follow some of my farming adventures and see some of my favourite TLC products, give me a follow on Instagram 🌸.

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