About Us

The Lazy Cowgirl Co. was created in early 2018 when I (Sheridan) wanted to make leather plaited necklaces for myself to style with my western inspired outfits that I spent most weekends putting together and photographing and blogging with my sister and my friends. 

As always once I start something I cannot stop and became quickly addicted to all the different ways you could plait the leather to create a totally different look. After a massive stockpile of necklaces built up (more than enough for one girl) I decided to start selling a few just to make enough room for me to add more to the collection.

Over the next few months I honestly didn’t put much effort into selling my necklaces. I was thankful for the few sales I made, which where enough to purchase more materials to continue creating. 

After a mix up on an online order one day our famous Micky Dangles where designed, and this was where it all went wild. From then, I started putting more effort into TLC, creating more western and boho themed jewlery for the cowgirls of Australia.

Now, TLC posts anywhere between 10-30 packages a week. And is growing more and more every day. Our team of ambassadors are our spreading the word as well as plenty of happy clients. 

Without you, our supportive network of cowgirls, we would not have come this far, so for that I thank you very much.


Love Sheri x