Tips for your best brand rep application yet

The minute you start a small business you always are on the look out for passionate people to help you along the way. Getting asked for sponsorships/rep jobs are a daily occurrence for us here at TLC.
Have you ever wondered what it takes to be a brand rep? Or even though about possibly applying for a position yourself? Well here are a list of some of our top tips on adding your first interaction with as potential sponsor and qualities we particularly look for.
  • Prepare yourself before you apply/ask for a position. It is clear to a business if you don’t support them already. Make sure you generally love the brand and know you can do a great job. Following the brand on social media, commenting and liking their content will defiantly be noted when you apply.
  • Put your best foot forward. Tell us about yourself, what you love to do, what your hobbies are etc. Your personality is what makes you unique.
  • If possible apply in an application form. If you look carefully on most websites there is actually a link or tab for brand rep applications. If you take the time to look for this tab rather than send a quick DM on instagram, we can see you genuinely love our brand and have been through everything on the website.
  • Make sure your Instagram is on public. If your under 18 and are not allowed to do so, then make sure you mention this when you apply. It’s usually the first place we look
  • Be polite in your approach and responses. Applications that are filled out with a couple of words shows that if you couldn’t be bothered to put effort into your application your not going to put effort into promoting the products we gift to you.
  • Smile! We love to see happy girls. As Audrey Hepburn so wisely said “Happy girls are pretty girls”
  • Be patient on your response. Most small business are run by one person who may have another job, a family etc. Getting back to your email is a priority, we will get there, promise.
  • Include what you can bring to the table. At the end of the day the application is an exchange. Free/discounted product for promotion. Let the selector know what you will do to promote the business. 
  • If possible add a photo of yourself that you love. One of your favourites.
  • Approach a business you don’t buy from/support on social media/ don’t like the style of just for the sake of having a sponsor in your instagram bio or on you rodeo shirt. If you don’t enjoy the experience neither party will benefit from the relationship. Find a business you absolutely love and work on them.
  • Speed through the application. Any applications that are not filled out correctly usually get overlooked. Slow down, read and pay attention to the details. It shows on the other end.
  • Send a DM or message asking for free product. The answer will be straight up no. Even the best influencers in the world (maybe except the kardashians) don’t always get gifted products. 
  • Post 100 images of you in your undies! Unless you want to be a model or influencer for a bikini line, this is something that will usually turn off potential sponsors. Now don’t get anyone wrong, every inch of you is beautiful there is no doubt about that! But just keep in mind we would hate for unsuspecting preying internet eyes to be on you (yes stranger danger is all too real girlies!)
  • Be disheartened if you get turned down. Sometimes its just not the right time. Be it too many reps, lack of funds, maybe not the right fit just now. This does not mean you should not apply next time! Lots can change over a few months and if you really love the company it will show.
  • Don’t think you don’t have enough ‘followers’ to apply. At the end of the day followers are not everything. 200 committed and genuine friends who are interested in what you do and are happy to support you is much more valuable than 10k followers who don’t really care at all.
Being a brand rep can be so rewarding and we personally love all our TLC team. Being able to be apart of their successes and triumphs as well as the tough days and share in all of this purely because of the power of social media is amazing. 
Good Luck with your next application! 

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