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The Lazy Cowgirl E Gift Card - Select Amount

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Now you can give the gift of TLC pretties to all your cowgirls in a fuss free easy way! Its super simple:

  1. Select your desired amount below and click add to cart
  2. Pay for your purchase like you would any other order (gift cards do not get charged for postage) 
  3. Your Gift Card link will automatically email to you - remember to check your spam/junk folder just incase it gets missed. 
  4. Forward that email to your chosen giftee or screenshot and text. 

You could also print out that email to add to a card - get creative your girl will thank you for it! 

Your TLC item has been made with love, and we want it to bring you joy for years to come. To care for your new jewlery please follow the rules below. This will prevent any un-wear and tear related damage.

  • Always store your jewlery in a clean, safe environment especially when travelling. Throwing them in your wallet or cup holder will leave them open to major damage
  • Use a soft dry cloth to clean the metal, and spray posts occasionally with ear safe disinfectant spray. 
  • Never wear your jewlery in water. This will significantly shorten the life of your product
  • Earrings with tassels are best kept wrapped up to avoid kinks and fraying. A little bubble wrap or some cling wrap lightly wrapped around them when not in use will keep them fresh for when you are ready to rock them next!
  • Try storing your earrings on the earring cards provided. This will keep them a) in pairs b) hanging straight c) less likely to have a post bend or break.
  • Do not use jewlery cleaners on your TLC products. Jewlery cleaning agents are designed for silver or gold metals which can be harsh on your fashion jewlery

dear cowgirl

What makes you country?

She is more than meets the eye. She is fiercely passionate, she stands true to her beliefs, she works hard and loves harder.

These qualities are what tie us together. These qualities although all unqiue, are what makes us all COWGIRLS.