TLC Horse Sport Boot - Rust Orange
TLC Horse Sport Boot - Rust Orange

TLC Horse Sport Boot - Rust Orange

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Made from high quality neoprene, these boots have been produced in the same conditions as the leading brands worldwide. 

Lightweight and supportive for horses in high impact situations that allow the leg to breath and reduce sand and dirt from becoming trapped. 

Strong velcro - tabs are strong and hold tight use after use.

Sold in pairs of 2 boots.  Can be used as front or hind boots. 


SMALL (pony) - w 25cm h 24.5cm

MEDIUM (cob) - w 28.5 cm h 25.5cm

LARGE (full) - w 30cm h 26.5cm

Although all care is taken to measure each pair, please note these are approximate measurements to the nearest cm. Measurements does not include Velcro. 

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